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We have been open for 11 years!  We specialize in customizing all tee shirts, hats, and any garment you can think of!

Direct to Film (DTF)

Print on a film, then apply it directly on fabric. The ability to select practically any fabric is the main element that justifies the adoption of this method by a bigger population. The DTF printing technique will do its magic on them, whether they are made of polyester, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers like rayon or terryco.

The Direct to Film Printer Films

A DTF printer uses PET films as these are different from the ones used in screen printing. PET films have a thickness of approximately 0.75mm, making them better-transferring characteristics. These films are also known as DTF Transfer Films in the market.

You can find them as cut sheets for small-scale use or as rolls for big commercial setups. There are two classifications of PET Films based on temperature. These are cold-peel type films and hot-peel type films.

Software for DTF Printer

Software is an integral part of DTF printers. This is because software influences the color performance, print characteristics of the inks, and final print performance. For DTF printing, you will require specialized RIP software to handle your white and CMYK colors.

It is essential because software governs the color profiling, drop sizes, ink levels, and several critical factors contributing to print quality.


  • It does not require any pretreatment
  • You can use it on almost any material or fabric
  • The material it is printed upon will still have a slight hand feel to it when you touch. After the printing, the fabric will exhibit excellent wash resistance.
  • The process is less tedious and quicker than other printing methods such as DTG



  • The printed area is slightly more noticeable than subliminal printing
  • The color vibrancy is somewhat lower than sublimation printing

    Why DTF Printers

    You can get premium-quality printing with DTF Printers and the specialty ink they use.  If you wish to bring out the brightness and delicacy of the color tones in both dark and light fabrics, DTF printers can help.